Бербатов благодари на всички лекари, сестри и болници /ВИДЕО/

Бербатов благодари на всички лекари, сестри и болници /ВИДЕО/


Легеднарният български нападател Димитър Бербатов изрази благодарността си към всички медицински лица, които са на първа линия в битката с COVID-19 в България и разкри, че е направил дарение за закупуването на маски, ръкавици и други предпазни материали.

Бербатов сподели, че е направил дарение към българския лекарски съюз, като приветства и други да направят същото, както и да бъда спазени всички мерки за неразпространение на коронавируса.

We found ourself in very difficult situation! That's way i want to say THANK YOU to all DOCTORS, NURSES, HOSPITALS, our GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS, all of you who are on the first line and DOING EVERYTHING you can to stop the spread of the virus! My mother is a former nurse, and i know what it takes to do the job, but honestly i have no idea what all of you are going through right now to stop the virus! The least i can do is say THANK YOU! I am also making a donation to our BMA – Bulgarian Medical Association, so they can buy medical supplies – masks, gloves etc.. things they need to stay safe! I hope other people can join this cause, because we are in this TOGHETER! The rest of us, please lets follow the instruction! STAY HOME! Yes, SOME PEOPLE NEED TO GO TO WORK in this difficult times, please be CAREFUL, be SAFE and stay HEALTHY! The rest of us, lets STAY HOME! If you need to go out and by provisions, follow the rules – mask, gloves, distance between each other! But lets not forget to smile! When we are in home, we have more time for the family/kids! I heard on the news thе other day that now when there are not so many people in the streets/towns, the rivers are more clear and also the air! Fact!! So when we go through all this, TOGHETHER, we need to think how we are going to continue from then on! Stay safe 🙏🏻

Публикувахте от Dimitar Berbatov в Понеделник, 23 март 2020 г.